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Next Creation Forum

Our next Creation Forum will be at

Manheim Township Public Library

Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 6:30 - 8:00 PM


How Computer Science Implies a Creator Outside Space and Time

Computer science deals with information, but what is information? Can it arise by chance, as the evolutionists believe? Or does it require intelligence, as the creationists claim? Can we learn something about biological systems from computers? We test computer programs but cannot guarantee them completely because there is not enough time or space to test all inputs. Same with breaking long random passwords or guaranteeing all heads in a coin-flipping experiment. Same also with guaranteeing that a long chain of only left-handed amino acids can form the first protein of life by chance. At tonight’s meeting, we will explore how computer science relates to biology and show why only a Creator outside the constraints of time and space is necessary to explain life’s origin and how evolutionists skirt the problem.

Our speaker this evening is Dr. Robin Snyder. Dr. Snyder grew up on a chicken farm near Elizabethtown, PA, where he went to high school. He earned a B.S. (physics) from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Ph.D. (computer science, applied programming language theory) from Penn State. He taught as a professor in computer science, software engineering, and business for 18 years at universities. Since 2008, he has worked at home as a research and development part of several small companies in the financial printing and Internet marketing industries.

Please join us for an interesting evening and bring a friend!

Note the new location, day and time for our meeting

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month from September through May