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Mutations either have a negative or a neutral effect by either corrupting or having minimal effect on the genetic information content. So how is it that evolutionists constantly cite the opposite? Click here for more details

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Remember the TV show from the 1980's "Cosmos," hosted by the late Dr. Carl Sagan?

This show re-appeared last year, with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson as the new host. The mantra of that show is "The cosmos is all there is, all there ever was, all there ever will be." However, as Bible-believing Christians, we must ask "Or IS it?" Atheism is the underlying theme, a cosmos without God. Last month, we discussed what Cosmos said about the universe. Tonight, we explore the claims about the Big Bang and present a Creationist response.

Please join us for an interesting evening and bring a friend!

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Creation/Evolution in The News ...

We congratulate the European team that successfully landed the Rosetta Philae spacecraft lander on the Comet 67P/C-G. This was a great technological accomplishment, after an unprecedented 10-year flight, to a place 3.5 billion miles from earth. Aside from the accomplishment itself, however, we need to understand one of the motivations behind such a venture: study the composition of the comet to look for organic material and water that could be the source of life here on earth. Yes, the never-ending quest to find our roots, wherever they might be. Except, of course, if we are rooted in the dust of the earth, formed by the hand of God! It took many intelligent beings to pull off this technological feat but why does it go un-noticed that the source of life that they seek in a dead rock is an infinitely greater Technologist that performed this feat right here on earth?

Scientists have found a new gecko species in Northern Madagaskar. After rattling off a bunch of scientifically relevant similarities and differences with other geckos, this article leaps to the evolutionary conclusion that a certain population of geckos "might have evolved in isolation for millions of years." They go on to say that there might have been "sufficient resources and protection from desiccation during periods of drier climate to allow the long-term survival of these populations, finally leading to completed speciation. The evolution and long-term survival of these microendemic species suggests rather stable conditions without catastrophic events over very long time periods." How do "evolution" and "stable...over very long time periods" go together? Doesn't evolution mean "change?" Not necessarily, as we see that evolution can mean anything they want it to mean. Enough to make even a gecko blush!

If evolution happened once, then why not multiple times? Such is the tale of “convergent evolution.” This article claims that the eye, whose existence is marveled at by evolutionists as a wonder of natural selection, evolved separately in humans and squids with the same genes. But why? Ernst Mayr in his book What Evolution Is, (page 222), says “convergent evolution is a phenomenon that convincingly illustrates the power of natural selection. The same ecological niche or adaptive zone is often filled on different continents by exceedingly similar, but entirely unrelated organisms.” This is amazing! A “zone” or “niche” simply waiting to be filled… by something. The controlling gene in question is called “Pax6.” The article says: “In order to create such an elaborate structure, the activities Pax6 controlled became more complex. To accommodate this, evolution increased the number of instructions that arose from a single Pax6 gene.” (emphasis added). Another trip to fantasy-land where molecules are imputed with the ability to write messages. Evidence for this? The evolutionist’s imagination.