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Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016
6:30 - 8:00 PM
Farm and Home Center of Lancaster
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Topic:  “The Global Flood of Genesis - Part 1: Noah’s Ark, Original and Kentucky Style!”

ISBR President Bob Cooperman will begin a  three-part series on Noah’s ark and the global flood. Aside from the Genesis creation account, no other portion of Scripture has been maligned, mis-represented  and discounted as much as the Genesis account of the global flood. Tonight, we examine the requirements that Noah needed to follow to build the ark, including what we know God told him and what was perhaps left to his own engineering judgment. To assist with the visualization, Bob will show some video clips he took at the Answers In Genesis Ark Encounter in Kentucky.

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The layers of the Grand Canyon strongly support the Biblical flood account.
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Recently, ISBR President Bob Cooperman visited the new Answers-in-Genesis Ark Encounter, in Williamstown, Kentucky. This museum, built in the size and shape of Noah's Ark, as well as the Biblical account of the ark itself were the subject of a ridiculing Letter to the Editor in the Lancaster, PA Intelligencer newspaper. Mr. Cooperman wrote a reply to this letter, spawning a flurry of comments and a couple of other letters. It may be of interest to our readers to see the dialog that ensued, in order to see how detractors of the Biblical Flood account (and of the Bible, in general) react to arguments that stick to the science: ironically, they ignore the science and go off on a closed-minded tirade about how nonsensical the Biblical account is. Here are the threads to the letters. The first one was written by Mr. Cooperman and the last two were written by others (a Bible detractor and a Bible supporter, respectively) and commented upon by Mr. Cooperman and others.

Support for the Ark

Plenty of Evidence of Earth's Age

Holy Bible Trumps Science

For those Christians who wonder why organizations like ISBR need to proclaim Biblical truth like the Genesis account of creation and God's global flood, please click here to see the latest compromise in the evangelical world. Pastor Andy Stanley (son of well-known Pastor Charles Stanley) has apparently joined the ranks of those who deny the need for Biblical revelation, opting instead for following Jesus without belief in the entire Bible, which he feels is "too difficult to defend." The apostles would be rolling over in their graves to hear this, because even though they saw Jesus face-to-face, they took the Scriptures as God's infallible word, dying in martyrdom preaching it. They never negotiated away the truth, and neither should we.