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Did you Know ?

The archerfish is a remarkable creature. While it lives underwater, it feeds on insects perched on brush above the water. It does this by sending a jet of water that knocks the insect into the water, where it can the catch it. On the surface (pardon the pun), this seems easy, but it takes a combination of hydrodynamics and kinematics to form the jet of water and to accurately project it from under the water at the right angle to account for the bending of the light by which it sees the insect and to predict the landing point on the water to within a fraction of a second. Either this entire process works together or it doesn't work at all. It truly speaks of design by a creative Designer!

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ISBR Creation Science Forum meets at the Farm and Home Center of Lancaster


The Smoke and Mirrors of Dinosaur to Bird Evolution

The media constantly tells us that birds are modern-day dinosaurs, the evolutionary end-product of dinosaurs that survived the presumed 66 million year asteroid impact. Leaving aside the erroneous dating issue, did dinosaurs evolve into birds? Could they? Please join us for an interesting evening and bring a friend!

ISBR is a non-denominational 501(c)(3) Christian ministry which regularly meets the first Tuesday of each month from September through May

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Creation/Evolution in The News ...

Scientists have speculated about where our planet got its water from. Some say it came from comets or asteroids. But recently, based on the ratio of ordinary water to "heavy" water in comets and asteroids compared to that in the earth's mantle, and the belief that comet or asteroid impacts would not have affected the deep mantle, scientists have "suggested" that water was formed "natively" with the Earth. But we already knew this, didn't we, from Genesis 1:2 and 1:6-7, where we are told that the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters on Day 1 and that the waters "below" were separated from the waters "above" on Day 2?

Scientists have discovered "significant" amounts of "molecular" oxygen coming out of comets. This means oxygen not combined with other elements, as it would be in water (H2O) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This comes as a great surprise to those who believe that the solar system formed as result of heating and cooling because the heating would have removed the molecular oxygen. The article says that this should be a "wake-up call" for those who think that molecular oxygen in a planet's atmosphere would be a by-product of "primitive" life on those planets because this oxygen can also be on dead comets. The search for life goes on and even the most elementary findings are extrapolated to a conclusion in the media. Creationists know very well that life requires elementary components but is more than that, including coded information that only comes from intelligence. That is the true "wake-up call."

Okay, what happens if we combine dark matter with the Oort cloud and dinosaurs? We get us, of course! This article presents the idea by a Harvard astrophysicist that a disk of dark matter exists around our solar system and that every 32 million years or so our solar system passes through the disk so that gravity from the dark matter dislodges a chunk from the Oort cloud surrounding the solar system that can come crashing into whatever is in its way. The idea is that some 65 million years ago, the passage through the dark matter disk caused a 12-mile wide chunk to come crashing into the Earth, causing the destruction of the dinosaurs and a clear path leading to humans. Whew! What a tale. Unfortunately, only two of the four players are known to exist or have existed: humans and dinosaurs. The existence of dark matter has not been proven, and, in fact, the relativistic cosmology theory by Dr. John Hartnett (based on work by the Israeli physicist Moshe Carmeli) shows that dark matter is not needed at all to explain observations. The Oort cloud is an imaginary contrivance to account for continual replenishment of comets over the presumed billions of years of our solar system's existence, because otherwise they would have died out. Despite constant references to the Oort cloud by secular scientists, no such thing has ever been observed. Some in the unaware public will embrace this idea simply because it came from Harvard. Instead, let's be critical thinkers and ask the critical questions that are critically needed for our belief (Acts 17:11).